Vise resident

February 22, 2010 | categories: shops, woodworking, tools | View Comments

My brother was kind enough to give me a woodworking vise for my birthday. In related news, my dad gave me a beefy old vise from his basement the next day (which was Christmas). As a result, there are now two heavy-duty vises residing in our basement.

The vise from my brother arrived first, so I mounted it up first. My dad brought the other vise over a few days later; with the arrival of some bolts from McMaster-Carr, I now have enough clamping force for three men.

Thanks, family!

Counterbores to keep the bolt heads below the table surface

Counterbores for vise mounting

One vise mounted

Ben's vise on the workbench

Enough vises to conquer Afghanistan

Two bench vises and metalworking vise

The bench with both vises (and a pile of pallets turned into firewood)

Two vises

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