About this blog

I’m Brandon Stafford. (This is the blog author speaking, not the blog itself, which cannot speak.) Thanks for reading. If you wish, you can email me at something like brandon at pingswept, provided you can deduce how one might form a valid email address with these hints.

I live with my girlfriend and renegade cats in a purple house in Somerville, Massachusetts. A mechanical engineer by training, somehow I have become an embedded systems engineer. I work at Mystic River Engineering, a renewable energy engineering firm near Boston. In my spare time, I fight for justice, vanquish foes, and get stung by bees.

By the way, if you’re looking for a great summer camp on the coast of Maine for your kid, Camp Chewonki is it. I worked there for ten years or so, and I think very highly of the place and the people who run it.