PCB checklist

For a few years, I worked at MindTribe, where I made a lot of circuit boards. After making a few mistakes more than once, I started a list of mistakes to avoid.

Before you send out a PCB, check:

  1. mounting holes
  2. power and ground connector on board
  3. connector pins labeled
  4. labels not covered by connectors
  5. power LED
  6. testpoints
  7. loop for scope ground clip
  8. date, name, rev. number
  9. protection circuitry on interfaces (overvoltage zeners, rev. polarity diodes)
  10. design rule check
  11. all designators legible (obscured by vias? by parts?)
  12. no design rules made too loose
  13. Gerbers open in Viewmate (just Protel not OK)
  14. drill sizes in allowable range for manufacture